Stefania Chaplin

Stefania brings her profound expertise in DevSecOps, Security Awareness, and Software Supply Chain Management into the realm of negotiation and public speaking courses and workshops. Her background as a Solutions Architect and Python developer has not only allowed her to enhance operational efficiency and security in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) but also to apply these principles of clarity, efficiency, and strategic thinking to the art of communication and negotiation.

Stefania is on a mission to empower women in DevOps. She enriches her workshops with real-world insights and technical acumen, hosting engaging technical programmes that mirror the interactive and dynamic nature of her courses.

When not demystifying complex topics or empowering professionals with new skills, Stefania finds balance in surfing, practicing yoga, and nurturing her tropical plants, reflecting her belief in the importance of personal growth and well-being alongside professional development.

“A strong female voice within the
Cyber Security community”

“Stefania is by far one of the most promising up and coming leaders in the information security space, she is insightful, intelligent, adaptable and has a broad knowledge of the information security space that allows her to not only speak to veterans of the security space with confidence and insight but also provide guidance and assistance to those new to the profession, helping them by guiding them through their career.  Finally, Stefania has fantastic communicative skills and is not afraid to stand up in front of a crowd to speak.  She is an asset to any operation, and I can firmly recommend her to any organisation.”

James Rees
Managing Director @ Razorthorn

Negotiate with Confidence, Speak to Inspire: Transform Your Potential into Power.

Working with Stefania Chaplin offers the unparalleled benefit of leveraging her extensive expertise in DevSecOps, Security Awareness, and Software Supply Chain Management to enhance your organisation’s security posture and operational efficiency through innovative scripting and automation solutions.

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